'WWE Raw' Oct. 28: Randy Orton's championship celebration, Daniel Bryan gets revenge

The "Hell in a Cell" fallout: "Hell in a Cell" went off the air Sunday with an ending that left many fans confused and disappointed. Randy Orton left the ring as WWE Champion, after Shawn Michaels superkicked Daniel Bryan. That's not what referees are supposed to do.

Elsewhere, John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio to become World Heavyweight Champion in his first match back from injury and Cm Punk finally got his revenge on Paul Heyman, caning him high above the cell and putting him to sleep.

The big news: The main focus of "WWE Raw" was Randy Orton's championship celebration. After all, he's the man the Authority (the silly name Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have given themselves) want as the face of the company.

The celebration was set up as almost an exact replay of the night after "SummerSlam," with the locker room on the stage while The Shield guarded the ring.
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