The Selfish Giant – review

Clio Barnard's affecting take on Oscar Wilde's fable sees a pair of outsiders scrabble to survive on a poor Bradford estate

Director Clio Barnard's first feature, The Arbor, was an extraordinary account of the hard life and times of the playwright Andrea Dunbar which pushed at the boundaries of documentary film-making. A "verbatim drama" which included extracts from Dunbar's work performed on Bradford's Buttershaw estate, the film used audio interviews with the late playwright's friends and family to which actors performed note-perfect lip-synched "readings", creating a haunting and disorienting fusion of fact and fiction. On the surface, Barnard's latest feature is more formally conventional, drawing on the neorealist tradition of Ken Loach (the ghost of Kes hovers overhead) to tell the story of two young boys from Bradford who turn to the scrap metal trade to support their struggling families. Yet scratch the surface and those same cross-generic fluidities are still present,
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