Disney 53: Fantasia 2000

Directed by Pixote Hunt, Hendel Butoy, Eric Goldberg, James Algar, Francis Glebas, Paul and Gaetan Brizzi

1999/75 minutes

Fantasia is timeless. It may run 10, 20 or 30 years. It may run after I’m gone. Fantasia is an idea in itself. I can never build another Fantasia. I can improve. I can elaborate. That’s all.”

– Walt Disney

Unveiled just after the clock struck midnight on Dec 31st 1999, making it the first film to be released in the new millennium (pedantry over the date of the beginning of the millennium notwithstanding), Fantasia 2000 is a hidden gem of the Disney 53. Admit it, how many of you remember it? In any case, Fantasia 2000 was the result of almost a decade worth of work; each segment of the film was produced individually, during lulls between major features.

The IMAX Experience

Fantasia 2000 was the first feature length animated film to be presented in IMAX,
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