‘WWE Nxt’ Results and Review (03.10.13)

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Welcome back to the Nxt reviews, this week’s show starts with a promo video hyping Fandango appearing at tonight’s Nxt taping. Faaaaaan-daaaaaan-goooooo.

We head to ringside as the ring announcer introduces Summer Rae and Fandango for a mixed tag team match. Johnny Curtis is back in Nxt, a fact I’m sure he isn’t exactly giddy about. Emma makes her way out, in new ring attire, with her chosen partner for the night, Santino Marella. Oh dear. The fans, for some reason I can’t put my finger on anymore, pop loud for Santino. Santino speed walks and Emma does it too. The fans, before anything has really happened, chant “this is awesome”. Proof that there’s still some steam in the Santino train yet. Santino poses for the crowd and Fandango retorts with a dance move of two. The match from then on is merely a
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