New Trailer and Poster for Royal Biopic 'Diana' Starring Naomi Watts

Before the biopic Diana hits theaters here in the United States, it will debut overseas, but the word from the title princess' homeland hasn't been all that favorable. Some reviews have called the film "terrible and tacky" and "a right royal mess." We're hoping that maybe the lead performance from Naomi Watts at least gives audiences something to latch onto. While we're waiting for the release, here's a new theatrical trailer for the film from Downfall director Oliver Hirschbiegel. We'll admit the film looks a little formualic and melodramatic, but when it comes to the royal family, people just eat this kind of story up. Watch it below! Here's the new trailer for Oliver Hirschbiegel's Diana, originally from Yahoo: And here's the first poster for the film courtesy of Entertainment Weekly: Diana, originally Caught in Flight, is directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel (The Experiment, Downfall, The Invasion) described
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