Ato Essandoh Talks Copper And Deceptively Light Set – Exclusive Interview

I know you’re watching Copper, as well you should, and I had a chance to talk with Ato Essandoh (Matthew Freeman) recently. It was an interesting conversation, filled with a lot of laughter, and surprisingly, we talked about the laughter on set for much of the time. Stemming from my conversation with Donal Logue, I wanted to know if the set was really as light-hearted as he suggested, and apparently it is.

It was a great time, and I’ve interviewed few people who were easier to talk to. As you know already, things are really heating up for the Freemans, and I… well, I didn’t really get the scoop on any of it.

Check it out below.

image courtesy BBC America

So, I talked to Donal Logue not long ago, and I thought it would be interesting to throw this out and see what your response was – to listen to him talk,
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