#Tbt: Remembering 1927

#Tbt: Remembering 1927
Everyone loves silent film vamps, moonshine and a little light Heidegger reading. Here are 18 reasons you should remember the year 1927:

1.) Fritz Lang's dazzling silent film "Metropolis" opens to widely negative reviews, including one that accused it of portraying "foolishness, cliché, platitude, and muddlement about mechanical progress and progress in general."

2.) Clara Bow stars in "It" and becomes the original "It girl."

3.) Actress and cabaret star and "Santa Baby" singer Eartha Kitt is born. She later goes on to play Catwoman on the Batman television series as well as Yzma on Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove".

4.) Blotto is the word for crunk. (Runner up: Splifficated, which means the same thing.)

5.) The ladies loved the corsets.

6.) Elementary, my dear Watson! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle publishes the "The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes," the final set of twelve Holmes-centric short stories.

7.) Bob Fosse, the choreographer of "Cabaret" and "Chicago," is born, jazz hands in full swing.
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