A Student Winning the Jim Varney Scholarship Reminds Us How Unique the Actor Was

For many people, actor Jim Varney will always be remembered for his recurring role as dim-witted good ol’ boy Ernest P. Worrell – a silly fellow who meant well, but continually aggravated his neighbor and friend Vern. However, for Nashville student Alexander Weber, the late Varney (who died in 2000 after a battle with lung cancer) is more like a saint. While we all remember Varney’s bug-eyed antics, what we didn’t know is that the late actor – who starred in seemingly countless Hollywood films as his Ernest character (who, in some ways, feels almost like a precursor to Larry the Cable Guy and Tyler Perry’s Madea, if you can believe that) was also a bit of a philanthropist. His greatest gift was arguably The Jim Varney Scholarship, an...

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