Film Review: Fear Island (aka Deep Cove) (2009)

Synopsis: After a blowout party at a secluded island cabin, five friends make a shocking discovery: a dead body and the only boat off the island gone. Trapped and unable to call for help, they become prey to a mysterious killer seeking revenge. Together, they must decipher the murderer’s chilling series of clues to reveal the island’s secret past … or face death one by one. Review: Directed by: Michael Storey Written by: Jeff Martel Starring: Lucy Hale, Aaron Ashmore, Hayley Duff, Kyle Schmid, and Anne Marie Deluise In horror movie culture, the perfect getaway always seems to fall through as young adults take a trip to get away from the troubles of their home to an all new problem that can be deadlier than a relaxing escape. Especially when a mysterious killer is on the loose, the race to leave this place of serenity becomes top priority over
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