Odds Are, Your Partner Is Cheating On You.. With Netflix

Forget the milkman. Your significant other is more likely to be cheating on you with Netflix.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Netflix found that 51 percent of those in relationships are likely to cheat on each other... by watching TV shows on Netflix alone that they promised to watch with their partners. Over 28 million Americans have already done it.

The study shows that people are pretty good at keeping secrets. Only 14 percent of cheaters feel guilty enough to confess, while 32 percent re-watch the episodes without speaking up. People are sneaky! If you can keep it quiet that you watched the season finale of "Mad Men" without your beau, what else are you hiding? Twelve percent of people even admit to re-watching the episodes and faking their emotional reactions so they don't get caught. Wow.

In March, New York magazine's Maureen O'Connor wrote a story about cheating on her boyfriend with Netflix.
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