The Chrysalis (2013) Movie Review

Though limited by notoriously tough censorship, the horror genre is slowly but surely finding its feet in Chinese cinema, with directors coming up with new and occasionally creative ways to work around the restrictions. “The Chrysalis”, marking the directorial debut of ad director Qiu Chu Ji, is a great example of this, a film which though clearly of the horror genre, also works in enough grounded psycho drama to keep things from straying too far into taboo supernatural territory. While this approach in itself is common in Chinese chillers, Qiu here seems to have been making more of an effort to combine the film’s horror and dramatic elements rather than simply using one to justify the other. Taiwanese-French actress Sandrine Pinna (“Miao Miao”) stars as Wenxin, the film opening with her having been kidnapped by love rival Annie (Christa Yan) on valentine’s day. The film flashes forward three months,
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