Soho Film Fest Review: ‘West End’

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The Soho Film Festival ran its course for the fourth time on April 5-12 in the Landmark Sunshine Cinema Theater, in Soho, New York. The festival featured over 70 films and shorts and brought together not only new and aspiring filmmakers, actors, writer and all, but also brought already established filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts to share ideas.

One of the films at the festival was West End, a film that is described as “Hamlet on the Jersey Shore.” Directed and written by Joe Basile, who also stars in the film as a priest, the film counts Eric Roberts, Peter Onorati, Neal Bledsoe, Isabella Hofmann, Joe Nieves and Lou Martini Jr. amongst its cast.

After Vic Trevi’s (Bledsoe) dad (Roberts) mysteriously gets shot. Vic returns home to find his mother (Hofmann) grieving while his uncle (Onorati) becomes close to both Vic’s friend Buddy (Nieves) and mother. Well wasn’t that a mouthful?
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