Al Madrigal Goes Solo

Los Angeles — There's the Al Madrigal who speaks in the crisp, skeptical tones of a "Daily Show" correspondent, whether grilling Arizona foes of Latino studies or questioning the sanity of Puerto Ricans who want statehood in a dysfunctional United States of Sequester.

Then there's the comedian showcased in his first hour-long stand-up special, a tour guide through the life of a family man dealing with lippy kids, urban absurdity and angst. Gone is the bravado of the faux TV reporter he plays for Jon Stewart, replaced by a bemused grin and an appealing touch of goofiness.

Although no swashbuckler takes the stage in "Al Madrigal: Why is the Rabbit Crying?" debuting 11 p.m. Edt Friday on Comedy Central, don't be fooled by his modest soft-shoe – a few hesitant steps toward the audience, a few steps back: Madrigal is relishing success after a determined march toward a place in show business.
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