New Games For The Week of 4/2/2013

Not to belittle any of the below games but you really should be playing "Bioshock Infinite" because it really is quite excellent. Anywho, if shooting up people in Cloud City ain't your bag maybe you'll want to check out some of this week's releases.

Title: Defiance

Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Trion Worlds' cross-media third-person shooter slash Mmo is launching today. If you got in one of the Beta's then you'll know there's a little more to it than a simple TV tie-in. Will the community be able to support the ambitious goals from the devs?

Title: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Platform(s): PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360

Jump back into the role of super ninja Ryu Hayabusa once again for katana swing action. Originally designed to be a Wii U exclusive, it seems Team Ninja wanted another chance for Sony and Microsoft fanboys to dive in. Joseph
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