Nikita 1.01 “Pilot” Re-Review

With tonight’s episode of Nikita being a rerun, I decided to take a second look at the pilot and re-evaluate my first impressions, to see if things looked any different now. For the most part, I found myself sticking by what I said in my original review, but there were some aspects which became much clearer the second time around.

As I said then, the pilot episode is definitely a pilot. It’s clunky, expository, and only a so-so episode on the whole – but that’s what a pilot is. It has to spend most of its running time explaining to you who these people are and why you should care, and Nikita got the first part down, but not so much the second. I didn’t then and don’t now consider that a failure, considering that I can count on one hand the number of pilot episodes
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