Partying with the Irish

Jj Abrams is hosting it and Colin Farrell's up for an award – welcome to what Steven Spielberg calls the best party in La

When Jason O'Mara moved to Hollywood, an unknown actor with a Dublin brogue, it would have been useful to plug into the Irish network – except there wasn't one. "When I first got here, I wasn't aware of any Irish community that I should be part of."

Little harm it did him. A decade later O'Mara is a familiar face, thanks to network dramas such as Vegas, Justice, Life On Mars and Terra Nova. All the characters were American and the actor worked hard with a dialogue coach to erase unwanted lilts.

But this Thursday, days before the Oscars, O'Mara and hundreds of compatriots will gather to celebrate Irish success, and belated networking, at an annual pre-Oscar hoolie that Steven Spielberg has called one of the best parties in La.
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