12 Years In The Making ...

12 Years In The Making ...
John Gatins spent 12 years working on "Flight." Today, finally, he is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, but getting the news wasn't the best thing that happened to him today. No, that came when presenter Emma Stone actually pronounced his name correctly. This is such a rare phenomenon -- the name is pronounced Gate-ins -- that he assumed he was dreaming.

It's fun to talk to nominees like Gatins -- people who have been struggling for so many years, doing everything from parking cars to watering Brad Pitt's plants (seriously), and now get to spend the rest of their lives being introduced as "Oscar nominee" so-and-so. Gatins, the son of a New York City police officer, is not going through the motions when he says how honored he is that the Academy acknowledged him -- "Flight" is literally his life work. Ahead, our chat with ... Oscar nominee John Gate-ins.

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