Ken Loach's son directs film about UK child migration scandal

Oranges and Sunshine focuses on social worker who found 130,000 children in care had been deported

One of the most shameful episodes in British social history has inspired a major feature film with a cast of leading actors.

Oranges and Sunshine portrays the story of the former Nottinghamshire social worker who, in the 1980s, discovered the scandal of 130,000 children in care deported to Australia and other Commonwealth countries.

Emily Watson, the Oscar-nominated British actor, plays Margaret Humphreys, who singlehandedly shamed authorities and children's charities by exposing the British government's secret programme of child migration. From the 19th century until 1970, children as young as three were falsely told that their parents were dead.

Promised a better life with "oranges and sunshine", they were shipped down under, where many encountered appalling abuse – physical or sexual – in church or other institutions, or as cheap labour. All suffered psychologically.

Although Humphreys exposed the brutal treatment,
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