Competition: Win a monster-movie triple bill with ‘Piranhaconda’

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The meanest gargantuan creature-feature yet is set to arrive on DVD from Chelsea Films on 7th January 2013 – I am of course talking about the Roger Corman-produced Piranhaconda. To celebrate this occasion we have an extra special *Monstrous* prize package to give-away which consists of the following monster delights:

Sand Sharks - A shark that swims in sand?! No, honestly! Sunbathing on a beach has never been the same since this came out earlier this year and I’m not sure whether that’s something to do with the sharks or Brooke Hogan’s (daughter of the mighty Hulk Hogan) acting… Sand Sharks Review

Dragon Wasps - The ultimate cross breed between timely jungle thrillers like “Predator” and “Anaconda” and giant critter delights such as “Eight Legged Freaks” and “Lake Placid”. Let’s put it this way, “Dragon Wasps” does for bees what “Arachnophobia” did for spiders! Dragon Wasps Review

and of course…
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