The 10 Best Halloween Episodes On Comedy Television

By Rachel Bennett

Television Editor & Columnist


Happy Halloween, readers!

It’s my favorite day of the year, so I couldn’t neglect it in this week’s list. Because All Hallows Eve is so fun, below are the top 10 best Halloween comedy episodes.

Sadly, dramas are not on this list (I never would’ve been able to cut it to 10 if there had been), but feel free to leave your picks in the comments —”Home” from Fox’s The X-Files, anyone?

For me, though, I’ll leave it to laughs. So put on your best TV-themed costume, grab that bowl of fun-sized candy and check out my choices!

10. ABC’s Boy Meets World, “And Then There Was Shawn” (Season 5, Episode 17)

Fun fact: This episode aired Feb. 27, 1998. Nevertheless, I consider it one of the best Halloween episodes because “And Then There Was Shawn” left quite an impression on me as a
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