Take Three: James Franco

Craig here with another Take Three.

Today: James Franco

Well hell, if I didn’t feature James Franco on Take Three now I never will. His largely supporting career is likely to spill over into full-time leading man status any day now. I’d bet my Spider-Man box-set that in seven months he’ll have either a Best Actor Oscar sat on his desk or at least a well-deserved nomination as consolation; his lead role in Danny Boyle’s freshly-completed true-life tale 127 Hours will surely see him shunted up a few rungs on both the awards and career ladder.

<-- Franco in the true story 127 Hours

Either way, this time next year Franco may very well be beating off his peers for bigger, meatier roles in even more substantial fare (The Rise of Franco may coincide with The Rise of the Apes), or he may continue alternating occasional leads with
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