Christine O'Donnell Tries Her Hand As A Rap Producer

Christine O'Donnell couldn't make it in the Delaware Senate game, so now she's decided to try her hand as a rap producer. Sorta.

ChristinePAC, a political action committee launched by the former Gop Senate hopeful, is promoting a new conservative rap video criticizing President Barack Obama on a variety of issues.

"Six Trillion Dollar Man," a song by Oregon-based artist/conservative activist Justen Charters, features a brief O'Donnell appearance and a laundry list of anti-Obama talking points.

Here's the hook for those lacking the intestinal fortitude to sit through the video:

He's the six trillion dollar man

Hope and change it was a scam

Every baby born owing 50 grand to uncle Sam

You didn't build that, you didn't build that

That's Obama style

You didn't build that, you didn't build that

Six trillion dollar man

Doesn't have a budget plan

Basic economics is something he doesn't understand

You didn't build that,
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