Wii U Launch Titles Total 22 Games

Nintendo has updated 22 games at their official website that will serve as the Wii U launch titles expected to be available to purchase when the system arrives in stores on November 18, 2012. They haven't issued a formal press release stating these are the games to look out for. If they aren't, then why bother printing release dates on the official website?

These titles first appeared with a November 18 release date on the official Nintendo website a few days after Nintendo announced the console's release date. Most of them were expected to appear either at or just after launch considering final cover art was officially released, so little seen in the list below should come as a surprise. Due to the uncertainty of software availability on launch dates, some games could appear in stores before November 18 and some just after.

However, despite the number of obvious choices, noticeably absent from the list
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