Your Box Office Explained: No One Loves Oogieloves

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Your Box Office Explained: No One Loves Oogieloves
This Weekend’s Winners: After years of laboring in the shadow of zombies and vampires, the Dibbuk finally gets his due: Sam Raimi’s presentation of the low-budget (just $14 million) horror film The Possession carried the year’s traditionally most anemic holiday weekend with $21.3 million. Meanwhile, the Shia Labeouf Prohibition-era action film Lawless produced respectable numbers for the Weinstein Company, finishing second with $11.8 million.This Weekend’s Losers: The $60 million independent animated film The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure has achieved a distinction no film ever wants: At a mere $445,000 through its first three days and with approximately $600,000 through Monday, its 29th place opening also marks the single worst wide-release debut ever. (On the upside, it relieves 2008’s execrable Delgo of that honor, no doubt to the unending relief of Freddie Prinze Jr.) How It All Went Down: As the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper rightly points out,
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