Como Se Dice "Blood and Titties"? | "Machete" Red Band Trailer

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Some things on the site get a little over-exposed. I know we've posted Machete trailers before. And some posters. And production details. I wouldn't bother with another trailer unless it was something special.

Wait a minute.

A hard-r Machete trailer showing previously unknown amounts of badass Trejo?

Yes Want Now

Quick note -- This is extremely Not Safe For Work. Unless your coworkers are Ok with seeing your pants rent asunder by an awesomeness-induced boner.

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Bam! Booooom! Boob! Check it out, y'all. He just rappelled down a building with the large intestine of a man! And that sharp knifey thing on a chain?! Day-um!

And I bet De Niro is going to Crush this. He'll probably have a small part that lets him do something a little more off the wall. Not exactly like Stardust, but hey, a guy can dream.

And I believe in Steven Seagal.
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