Interview: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan of ‘The Babymakers’

Chicago – The comedy troupe Broken Lizard conquered the film world with their first feature, “Super Troopers” in 2001. Over the next decade, they followed up with the popular “Club Dread” (2004) and “Beerfest” (2008). Broken Lizard performers Kevin Heffernan and Jay Chandrasekhar (who also directs) go domestic in the new film “The Babymakers.”

This latest release features Heffernan and Chandrasekhar in supporting roles, with Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn playing a couple trying to breed, but finding too many obstacles along the way. The solution? Break into a sperm bank where Schneider’s character made some deposits, and withdraw his specimen to save the day. Part heist film, part upper middle class fantasy, the Broken Lizard members add their own quirky sensibility to the mix of this high concept comedy.

Kevin Huffernan as Wade and Paul Schneider as Tommy in ‘The Babymakers

Photo credit: Millennium Entertainment

Broken Lizard began in 1990 at Colgate University in New York state.
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