Military Mutant Horror coming in Evac

Peter MacDonald, whose directed a few things and worked on quite a few big films is getting $12.5 million to direct whats being called a "Muilitary Mutant Horror" which will be shot in Serbia and stars Tom Felton from the Harry Potter Films (like I care) among others. Filming is set for the end of the year.

Eastern Russia. One week before Christmas. A government lab is awakened by the arrival of some local poultry farmers. But why bring them here? Each of the men are rabid trying to bite anyone who comes close to them. Why are they this way? What is the cure? Neither question can be answered.

Anchorage Alaska. Three days before Christmas. A large container ship, from Russia unloads its cargo. Amongst the containers is a shipment of turkeys ready to be served up on Christmas Day to the locals, including the local army base.

Christmas Day Sgt.
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