DVD Review: Lesbian Vampire Warriors

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Lesbian Vampire Warriors

Stars: Luxia Jiang, Wah Yuen, Chrissie Chow, Siu-hou Chin, Pinky Cheung, Rock Ji, Rachel Lam | Written and Directed by Dennis Law

Described as a “Twilight-inspired Chinese vampire thriller” Lesbian Vampire Warriors is as far from Twilight as you can get. It’s obvious advertising spiel of course to try get vampire fans to show some interest, but in a world where most vampire fans hate even the mention of Twilight it’s to be hoped this does not turn people off, because this film deserves more.

Ar is a vampire hunter, and very much human. She befriends a vampire Max who she agrees she’ll let live as long as she does not kill any humans. Along with Max comes her family, these vampires could be described as quite melodramatic as they spend most of the time wanting to feel something, but of course as they are
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