An Official One-Sheet Arrives for Inside the Whore

It's been almost a year since we've gotten an update on Reinert Kiil's Inside the Whore, but today the official poster for the "meta-film with meta-violence within a meta-production" arrived. Check it out!

Inside the Whore, Reinert Kiil's follow-up to his successful rape-revenge horror thriller Hora (English title, The Whore), was filmed in the small town of Kvamm, Norway in the summer of 2010. Kiil plays the lead as...himself, the director of the film...while surrounded by a very competent cast such as Jørgen Langhelle (The Thing remake, Arn: The Knight Templar), Vegar Hoel (Dead Snow, Tomme Tønner), Dagrun Anholt (Umeå4ever), Viktoria Winge (Cold Prey, Cold Prey 2), Kim Sønderholm (Bleed with Me, Craig), porn stars Caroline Andersen and Isabel Vibe (the original Hora), Norwegian "Big Brother" star Anette Young, and a huge list of new beautiful female faces including Linn Cathrine Sonflå, Lisa Barsten, Aurora Huseth Bjørnhaug,
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