Sony, Hasbro, and Happy Madison Bringing ‘Tonka’ to Big Screen In Animated Form

First there was Candy Land, and now we have Tonka. To think: People have always said Adam Sandler doesn’t have enough originality in his films.

A press release (via THR) has announced that his Happy Madison Productions will team with Sony Animation and Hasbro for this new film, which Sony’s Bob Osher hopes will be both “multi-generational” and “a family friendly motion picture that brings the Tonka experience to life”; translating that experience into a screenplay will be Fred Wolf, a man best-known for his work on Grown Ups and Strange Wilderness.

And, well, there isn’t really much else to be said. If anything, I find it just a tad interesting to note how Sandler gets further into animation as his career develops — in a few months, for instance, those with sufficient interest can see him take another swing with Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Hotel Transylvania. I don
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