Eiff 2010: Review of Cigarette Girl

Year: 2009

Directors: John Michael McCarthy

Writers: John Michael McCarthy

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: projectcyclops

Rating: 1 out of 10

Oh, Cigarette Girl! I was so looking forward to watching you. I got up early, eagerly skipped to the cinema like a big girl, sat in the back row and opened my notebook. Nothing could have prepared me for how bad you are. Nothing. The festival buzz around this film was big, with the awesome premise of future smokers having been segregated from the rest of society and living in ghettos, while gangsters illegally trade cigarettes for cash, drugs and favours. Cigarette Girl is part of this world, but decides after a death in her family to quit. Quit smoking, quit gang life, and quit all the hard and hateful things in her life. The cinema was packed for the press screening - near empty by the end.

The film is
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