Interview: Fuse Powered CEO John Walsh on Bringing 'Scarface' to iOS

Hothead Games and Fuse Powered are bringing recreational narcotics enthusiast and tiger fancier Tony Montana to iOS with Scarface. The iOS release, which launches today, is an action adventure game with a healthy does of resource management. You'll be stepping into Tony's shoes from a lowly cook all the way up to the number one target for the feds and rival drug dealers.

To get a better sense of what Fuse and Hothead were up to with Scarface, we spoke to Fuse CEO John Walsh recently by e-mail. Here's what he had to say about getting the Scarface experience just right for the iPad, getting the game to feel and sound authentically like the crime classic, and making sure the whole thing controls just right.

MTV Multiplayer: First, could you give us a high-level view of your new Scarface title?

John Walsh: Sure. The game lets players start at
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