First clip from the CW’s ‘Nikita’

When it was first announced that the CW network were planning yet another TV adaptation of Nikita I scoffed at the prospect. Then it was announced that Maggie Q (Naked Weapon) was starring as Nikita, and that the show was actually a new take on the oft-repeated tale – The CW’s Nikita sees a new operative being trained to replace the original one after she goes rogue – suddenly my interest was peaked.

Now comes this action-packed trailer that has me gagging to see the series:

Previous Nikita’s were played by Ana Parillaud (Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita), Bridget Fonda (the American remake Point of No Return) and Peta Wilson (the USA series).

Nikita is set to air on the CW Thursday nights at 9pm.
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