Possible future films for Sean Bean

If Sean Bean has a hole in his schedule, Andrew has a few film pitches that might interest him...

What can you say about Sean Bean that hasn't been said before? He's like a Moomin Shaman. His love is deeper than the sun and he's as gentle as a mother's kiss.

Apologies if your mother sometimes gets a bit carried away. No one needs those flashbacks.

While Robert Carlyle selfishly took the lead role in Sawney Bean, there are still movies out there, potentially, with a Sean Bean shaped hole in them. The Hobbit is set about 78 years before The Fellowship Of The Ring, but maybe Ecthelion II looks quite like his grandson. And maybe, what with it being a Fantasy film, Ecthelion II can somehow have an even more spectacular death than his son. Who can have a baby with Sean Bean's face. I'm fairly sure Weta could
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