Stevie TV’s Stevie Ryan Exclusive Interview

If you didn’t catch the first episode of Stevie TV on VH1, make sure you don’t miss it again (and catch a highlight reel below, along with a little clip from Episode 2).

I had a chance to talk with Stevie Ryan recently, and she’s very serious about her pop culture. Also, she can talk. The show is getting a lot of play on VH1, with new episodes on Sunday nights, and it’s a lot of fun. Sketch comedy based on pop culture, Stevie takes on the persona on stars from your favorite reality nonsense to parody the world around us.

Let’s jump in. Be prepared, if you’ve ever wondered what an interview where the interviewer doesn’t get to say much looks like, this is it. Oh, and there’s cursing.

So, I wanted to ask, where did this come from? I mean, obviously from the YouTube videos,
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