[News] The Harold Greenberg Fund Script Program Backs 24 Films

The Harold Greenberg Fund Script Program, a financing program from the entertainment company Astral Media, unveiled twenty-four upcoming Canadian films - chosen out of ninety-nine films - that will get its financial support.

Moreover, the selection of films include Neuromancer, an adaptation of William Gibson's cyberpunk novel directed by Vincenzo Natali (Cube), and Prisoner of Tehran, from Kari Skogland (Fifty Dead Men Walking). If you're an enthusiast of literature, you'll notice the presence of the film Cockroach, which is an adaptation of a novel by award-winning author Rawi Hage.

Now, without further ado, let's have a cursory look at the films that will get funded.

Story Optioning

Bottle Rocket Hearts

Sonia Hosko, Michelle Mama and Stephanie Markowitz

Screenwriter: Zoe Whittall and Linsey Stewart


Films du Boulevard Inc.

Screenwriter: Arto Paragamian

The Program

Acqua Films Inc.

Screenwriter: Hal Niedzviecki

Consecrated Ground

Emotion Pictures Inc.

Screenwriter: Thom Fitzgerald

Prisoner of Tehran

Miracle Pictures Inc.
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