Episode Recap: Supernatural - 6.06: "You Can't Handle the Truth"

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Calumet City, Illinois: A waitress, Jane (Ingrid Nilson) on the phone to her sister, Olivia (Tristen Leffler) says she needs the truth, which she gets from everyone in bucketfuls. She takes a gun and phones her sister who calls her a freak and tells her to kill herself, which she does. Dean (Jensen Ackles) tells Bobby (Jim Beaver) about Sam (Jared Padalecki) and how he threw him to the vampire. Castiel (Misha Collins) isn't answering his calls. He knew Sam was different from the outset. Bobby says he'll hit the books and not to "shoot him just yet." Sam needs to know what he is first. Sam shows him his paper reporting four suicides out of nowhere. Bobby: "Get in the car, he's your case" is the advice Bobby gives Dean. Dean notices the cat calendar on Olivia's wall and a card with a horn on it, a musical horn.
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