Full Film Online: B.I.K.E.

The feature-length documentary B.I.K.E., embedded above courtesy of SnagFilms, is the tender story of a boy who just wants to be loved. The boy is Jacob Septimus and he just wants to be loved by the Brooklyn chapter of the infamous Black Label Bike Club — and that’s “bike” as in bicycle, not motorcycle. I previously reviewed the film way back in 2007 and enjoyed it for many complicated issues it deals with.

The film’s main complication is that Septimus, who co-directed the film with Anthony Howard, doesn’t come off as particularly appealing or sympathetic, which is of course interesting because as co-director he could completely have controlled the image he puts out there of himself. It’s a bold move to go the “warts and all” approach of presenting oneself, which results in a well-rounded, complicated main subject.

Septimus is dying to join Black Label, but they seem
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