First teaser for Yoshihiro Nakamura's "Chonmage Purin"

A teaser has been released for Yoshihiro Nakamura‘s Chonmage Purin, the latest film by Johnny & Associates subsidiary J Storm.

The film stars Ryo Nishikido of the pop group News as Yasubei, a samurai from Edo period Japan who somehow slips forward in time 180 years to the present. Confused by his unfamiliar surroundings, he wanders into the home of a single mother named Hiroko (Rie Tomosaka) and her 6-year-old son Tomoya (Fuku Suzuki). In exchange for allowing him to stay there, Yasubei offers to do work around the house. After making purin (Japanese-style custard) for Tomoya, Yasubei proves he has a knack for preparing sweets and eventually becomes a popular pastry chef.

Chonmage Purin” will be released by J Storm sometime in Summer 2010.

Sources: Official website, CinemaCafe

Thanks lobgoy for the heads up.
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