30 Rock Season 3 – Review

Every once in a while, our American cousins create a comedy series so original, so refreshing, that it makes you sit back and wonder how such an intelligent country could also be the home of Hillbillies and George W. Bush. America gave us Frasier, they gave us Friends, hell they even gave us Will & Grace, and more recently they also gave us 30 Rock.

Rejoin Tina Fey (Baby Mama, Mean Girls), Alec Baldwin (Beetlejuice, The Hunt For Red October) and Jane Krakowski (Ally McBeal) and get set to laugh your head off as 30 Rock: Season 3 comes to DVD on 5th April 2010. It was this 22-episode season which earned 22 Emmy ® nominations – the most ever for a TV comedy.

30 Rock is a parody sit-com that revolves around a fictional comedy variety show called The Girlie Show (Tgs) with Tracy Jordan, set in New York at ‘30 Rockefeller Plaza’. The show’s main writer, Liz Lemon,
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