2012 Sundance Predictions: Olivia Silver's Arcadia

#05. Arcadia - Olivia Silver Besides the labs, you'll often hear about how Sundance supports young filmmakers in the creative process. As case in point, they often select a short film and a couple of years later re-invite the filmmaker when a feature film version of the given short is made. Last year we had Little Birds and Pariah, and if finished in time (filming was completed in September), this year we could find the feature version based on Olivia Silver's 209 accepted short Little Canyon (see pic above - watch here). Arcadia sees Sundance regular John Hawkes play father to a trio of children which includes Kendall Toole (who once again plays the same role) and the film's Pov, the child in the car's backseat played by an actress (Ryan Simpkins) who might be poised to break out bigger in Park City as a thirteen year-old than the toddler part
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