Byosoku 5 Senchimetoru (Personal Favorites) Review

With Matoko Shinkai (Hoshi no Koe) gearing up to present his latest film to the Western world, I figured it would be a good time to revisit some of his former glory. Byosoku 5 Senchimetoru is an exceptional piece of cinema and undoubtedly the film that introduced Shinkai to a broader audience. Four years after its initial release, it's still as remarkable as when I first watched it, having lost none of its splendor or power whatsoever. Shinkai will forever remain the man that worked himself up from one-man animation team to high-profile anime director in just a few years time With each consecutive film Shinkai's team of contributors keeps growing, but even for a film featuring the technical excellence Byosoku 5 Senchimetoru does, the...
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