Sket and Blood Feuds: First Trailer

Blood feuds are as ancient as primordial human history. The Celts (Irish) have killed thousands throughout history. In Albania, 10,000 people have been killed in the last twenty years because of family or blood feuds. Now, Gunslinger, the production arm of Revolver Entertainment, will bring a family feud to East London. When Tanya (Kate Foster-Burns) is killed, Kayla must retaliate for her sister's murder the only way she knows how, by joining an all girl gang. The gang leader Danielle (Emma Hartley-Miller) vows to get vengeance on an opposing gang: "we'll be like them," which leads to even more violence.

The first trailer for Sket is here and the clip is mature rated because of violence and other adult material. As well, Gunslinger continues to create these gang styled thrillers often set in East London e.g. Shank, which just seem to highlight gang violence. Also, the material here seems to
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