Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris – Blu-ray Review

The Film:

Gamera has always lived in the shadow of Toho’s Godzilla, and was infamous for being nothing more than a campy, cheesy, rip-off the Toho’s creation. However, Shusuke Kaneko came and did something some thought was impossible: he gave you a reason to take Gamera seriously. The first two films in his trilogy, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe and Attack of Legion (you can read my reviews of those here), were both critically and commercially successful. However, many trilogies suffer from a rushed and lackluster ending.

But Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris not only improves on the last two films, its argued to be one of the greatest Kaiju films ever made.

The film take splace three years after Gamera defeated Legion in Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, and Gamera has now shed his connection to humanity. Meanwhile, the Gyaos have returned from their defeat in Gamera: Guardian of the Universe,
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