"Hawaii Five-0" Bromance Matrix: Giddy Up, Babe!

Sometimes when I'm watching Hawaii Five-0, I ask myself, "Is there anything Steve McGarrett can't do?" And then I punch myself in the face, because how dare I? Just look at last night's episode, for example: McGarrett got all gussied up to meet with the governor; McGarrett trained Lori Weston, a new hire from Homeland Security; McGarrett played big brother to Jenna; McGarrett solved the mystery of a kidnapped teenager; McGarrett chased down a cult leader on horseback. And he still found plenty of time to flirt hang out with his boyfriend Danno.

If McGarrett can do anything, he should be able to dominate our patented Bromance Matrix, no?

1) "Babe," you guys? Really? — Last week I mentioned that Steve and Danny spend an inordinate amount of time talking about what the other one is wearing. Last night they were at it again. Only this time Danny wants to make sure
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