Extinction - The G.M.O. Chronicles Shows a Zombified Trailer and Poster Right Here

Extinction - The G.M.O. Chronicles is a film which was shot in Germany, in English. Most recently, this title has entered post-production with shooting complete in 2009-10 and the film completed today. This is a tale that compares itself to 28 Days Later and I Am Legend. However, this is a lower budgeted feature, which focuses on the loneliness of a post-apocalyptic world. The loneliness is swept aside when a group of mutated creatures inhabit the scene. Have a look at the horrors of Extinction - The G.M.O. Chronicles with the first poster here and trailer inside.

There is certainly a German and North American enjoyment of zombie films, with Rammbock aka Siege of the Dead aka Rammbock: Berlin Undead shaking the cinematic cage in 2010. This film set Berlin alight with zombies, viruses and failed escapes. As well, Germany has a burgeoning independent film community, with smaller production companies like Cinema Ergo leading the way.
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