The Vampire Diaries Review: "Bloodlines"

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On the first Vampire Diaries episode of 2010, we see Damon save Elena's life, Elena return the favor... and then learn that Stefan once did the same for his human girlfriend.

Indeed, this is a burgeoning love triangle with a lot at stake. How did the show make an impact in its first installment after a lengthy hiatus? We review "Bloodlines" and ask questions about it below...

Ignorant Elena or Delightful Damon? Without her vervain necklace on, did Elena give in too easily to Damon's charms? Or was she just acting nice in order to avoid getting killed? We were leaning toward the former, until the most startling action of the night: Elena actually saved Damon's life. Considering all he's done, it may have seemed like a stretch to some that she'd plead for Damon to be spared, but think about it:

Elena is in a vulnerable, confused, angry state. Damon
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