3 Sneak Peeks – Bones 5.10 "The Goop on the Girl"

Those ladies out there who…ahem…admire David Boreanaz, are going to Love the December 10th Christmas episode of Bones, where Booth is forced to strip down to his boxers. Why? Who the hell Cares?! Pick any reason. The writers can say it's because of the ozone layer and it won't make a lick of a difference to me.

Oh yeah, and Zooey Deschanel and Ryan O'Neal are both making guest appearances. Love them both. But then I get distracted by the first sneak peek below. Check out all three (courtesy of Fox) and then go view the promo and photos we previously posted.

The Team Investigates The Naughty And The Nice On An All-new “Bones

When a man dressed as Santa Claus blows himself up during a botched bank robbery, Brennan and Booth work to identify the bomber and determine his motives. Meanwhile, Brennan makes plans to spend Christmas in El Salvador,
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