Blu-Ray Review: North By Northwest

The Movie:

“You know, we’re not making a movie. We’re constructing an organ…the kind of organ that you see in the theatre. And we press this chord and now the audience laughs, we press that chord and they gasp, and we press these notes and they chuckle.” – Alfred Hitchcock to North By Northwest screenwriter Ernest Lehman.

You know the scenes. You know the music. You know every one-liner and suave expression from Cary Grant’s debonair face. There isn’t much that hasn’t already been said about North By Northwest. Easily Alfred Hitchcock’s most noted “mistaken identity” thriller and, arguably, his greatest achievement in movie making, it lives up to the hype and holds its own against any film of the like that comes out today. Fifty years after its release, it remains the crowning achievement of the Hitchcock thrillers, and it does so much
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