Daryl Hannah Is Playing Games with Your Kids

Looking to put a twist on your next game night? Try Liebrary!

Co-designed by fellow actresses and long-time best friends Daryl Hannah and Hilary Shepard, Liebrary is a bluffing game where players attempt to create the most believable first line of a book.

The two came up with this game while bored on vacation, looking for something the whole family could play. Here's what they had to say about life, friendship, and building the perfect board game.

momlogic: How did the idea for Liebrary come about?

Daryl Hannah: Liebrary is based on an old parlor game from the 1800s where players would pull books off the shelf from their personal libraries. We would always have game nights and play the game in this manner, but you need a wide variety and a Huge number of books to play, and not every book would have a description or a playable first line!
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